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Your High-tech Professional Photoshoot

Quality photos without the hassle or the price tag

At Site Blooms, we’ve been playing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) long enough that we know how to make use of its best qualities and avoid its dangerous pitfalls. Let us help you get a new, professional quality headshot by using our AI process.

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Our Plan

AI Headshot Photoshoot – $35

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Quality: Our AI-generated headshots are indistinguishable from real pictures

Quantity: We’ll provide 100+ professional headshot samples to choose from

Quick: You’ll receive your AI photoshoot results in 1 business day

Secure: Your images will live in within a private, online folder for 3 months, and we’ll only grant access permission to you


How many real photos did you spot?

This carousel showcases the level of quality of the AI-generated images. Even if you don’t know the subject, you can see how much each image closely resembles the next. And if you can’t figure out which of these are actual photos, don’t feel too bad. His own mother couldn’t tell either. (Hint: There are 2)

Now imagine how much time it would have taken – and how much it would have cost – to take all these pictures in real life. All the different outfits, hairstyles, professional makeup, changes in scenery, getting the right lighting at just the right time of day, and endless editing. Professionals would charge thousands of dollars and plan on weeks to accomplish anything close to this level of quality.

When Should You Get New, Professional Headshots?

For this price, whenever your want.

Are you looking to update your LinkedIn profile or any other social media account? Your professional life could always use a boost – to get you that raise, to give you more credibility, or to land your dream job. Let us enhance your career with an AI headshot photoshoot.

If you’re an actor or actress, industry standards dictate that you should update your headshots about every 2-3 years. Companies or departments looking to elevate their online presence can their whole team new headshots and instantly improve profiles. If you have an updating presentation or you’re starting to send out resumes, you should explore our AI-generated headshots.

Beyond your work life, consider these for a birthday gift, holiday celebration, upcoming religious rite, or any other big event – like a graduation. Some clients are even looking for a fresh, powerful image to use for a funeral service.

Whatever the occasion, our AI headshots will meet your needs and impress your audience. Consider our AI-assisted Content Creation services as well.

What’s the Process?

Send us 10 pictures. That’s it.

We need 10 high-resolution and recent pictures of just you (nobody else, no pets), mostly selfies or portraits, to teach the AI what you look like. Make sure these pictures were taken in decent lighting, and include a variety of angles of your face, different outfits, different expressions, and even different backgrounds. Don’t use screenshots, filters, pictures of you with too much makeup, or ones where you’re sporting sunglasses. We’ll let you know if the AI struggles with any of your pictures. Otherwise, we’ll generate your headshots from what you’ve provided!

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