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Some people say nothing in this world is free, but others say the best things in this world are free…

At Site Blooms, we like to prove the value of our services by offering helpful information at no-cost to potential clients. We’re happy to provide you with a business report, marketing budget calculator, or even AI-generated professional headshots.

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Business Report

Evaluate Your Online Presence – $0


Website & SEO: We’ll explore your website’s optimization for maximizing traffic from search engines and keeping visitors engaged

Local Listings: We’ll evaluate how many third-party, online directories are referencing your business with the correct information

Reviews: We’ll compare the quantity and quality of your online reviews to your industry competitors

Digital Ads: We’ll investigate relevant industry keywords and your potential advertising performance

Social Media: We’ll examine your social media presence and consistency across all key platforms

E-commerce: We’ll analyze your ability to handle online transactions easily

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Marketing Budget Calculator

How much should you spend on marketing services?

At Site Blooms, we use the most recent survey date from the nation’s leading marketing professionals to inform an unbiased view of current marketing trends. We’ll help you articulate the appropriate marketing budget for your business based on what your competition is spending – and where the money is being spent.

The right marketing budget is the best starting point for any business to ensure increased visibility, more sales, brand clarity and unity, effective advertising campaigns, flexibility, and more referrals resulting from an improved reputation.

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AI Headshots

Your online profiles could use an update

Give your professional life a boost with an AI headshot photoshoot. Send us 10 pictures, and let us work our magic to get you 100+ AI-generated, professional headshots within 1 business day. Sign up for a free consultation with us to unlock this gift.

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