Marketing Budget Calculator

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What’s an appropriate marketing investment?

Twice a year, the nation’s leading marketing professionals at for-profit companies contribute to an objective CMO Survey to evaluate marketing trends. Based on the most recent information reported, we’ve created this tool to help you determine an appropriate marketing budget for your organization.

Underfunding your marketing budget will lead to reduced visibility, lower sales, brand dilution and inconsistency, ineffective campaigns, missed opportunities, negative reputation, and an inability to adapt.

Don’t let any of these tragedies happen to your business!


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Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Budget?

Although there are many variables impacting where you should allocate your marketing dollars (e.g., company size, economic sector, etc.), we’ve developed a shortlist of general suggestions that align with how we’ve seen most successful organizations investing:

30%: Website updates/maintenance, SEO, content creation
20%: Online advertising
20%: Payroll
5%: Analytics & research
5%: Social media engagement
5%: Email marketing
5%: Events & sponsorships
5%: Public relations & reputation management
5%: Traditional marketing (print, TV, billboards, direct mail, etc.)

Business calculator for marketing budgets

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